yep so im pretty sure I just found the root of my problem. It’s people. I’m a people person and I do what I can for others to the point of burning myself out. I just realised that people let you down a lot.. The closest people to you also! This is one of the contributing factors to my disorder. I’ve left the house without food on purpose n I’m so happy I have as all I want to do is scoff down anything I can find! Maybe sleep is the better option šŸ˜• a lot of others will find this problem in their disorder too because people suck. You have to love yourself n be strong enough to do things on your own! ā¤ļø


Hello world!

Well this is something I never thought I would try, but I feel this is needed for myself and possibly to help other people get past their own mental illness. I still don’t really think of it as that but I think the truth needs to hit people as it ISĀ a mental illness. I have been bulimic for 7 years now. At this point in my life I am well and truly over it, I feel like a zombie when it comes to food. I don’t really taste things or feel anything when it comes down to it. As I have had it for so long there are stages. I am at the point where it is more habit than anything to me. I’ve wanted to stop for so long now and do get somewhere but end up falling back into that hole again. When this happens you just feel like shit and like you have let yourself down again. I have actually told my family but I don’t think they know how bad it affects me. I am now 27 and want to start living my life and travel without having the worry of me thinking about food the whole time or if I will have problems with my body. I don’t actually know the extent of damage I have done to my body but I did have heart problems when I was in one of the worst stages of illness. I drink a lot too which I feel is another part of it (am quitting both cold turkey at the moment) To me getting over this illness is all in my head. I know it helps some people to see councillors or something along those lines but I feel if I can’t help myself first then nothing will get me through this! I usually don’t talk about this at all as I suffer in silence but I am over just sitting through life and missing out on the important things because the mind is constantly worried about an illness that shouldn’t be there! I am hoping this is the first step to my recovery. Hope this helps other people also. Would love to chat and share with others who are going through the same thing.